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Three sons, three different paths to the right education

Two African-American boys sitting at a table in the library with their mother.

Ms. George is a strong advocate for her three sons, Messiah, Matthew and Mark. School has been difficult for the boys, and she’s had to fight to get the right supports for their needs. Two of the boys are autistic, one has ADHD, and they have additional medical concerns.  

Despite early diagnoses, they’ve faced delays in getting critical educational services from their school. For students with disabilities, every week that goes by not getting the right services can compound the impact of the delay as they fall further and further behind their peers.

And for their health, Ms. George wanted the boys to be able to continue virtual school after most schools came back in-person – but needed to line up the right supports for that to be a viable option.  

Ms. George reached out to Children’s Law Center. Our staff helped her identify the right path in the special education system for each of her sons, then they worked together with the school to get updated evaluations and essential services for each child, including specialized virtual instruction, small group programs and compensatory services for the delays. 

“My attorney was a major help,” Ms. George said, “being able to bring in all the research and her experience with the system.”  

The boys have done well in virtual school this year, and Ms. George has been able to build off advice from Children’s Law Center in meetings with the school to make sure the boys continue to get the support they need.