Children’s Law Center works to change laws, policies and practices to meet the needs of the District’s kids. Our advocacy is grounded in what we have learned from representing thousands of children and families over the years – and amplified through our work with fellow advocacy partners in coalitions and interagency councils.

Through our work with DC agency leaders and advocacy partners in the DC community, we have offered solutions for, and advanced legislation on, important issues that impact DC’s children, including behavioral health, housing, child welfare and education.

We are appointed to or participate in meetings with the following interagency councils and government bodies:
  • Coordinating Council on School Mental Health
  • Every Day Counts
  • Interagency Council on Homelessness – Youth Committee
  • Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Medical Care Advisory Committee
We are proud to lead or be a part of the following coalitions with our dedicated advocacy partners:
  • DC Healthy Housing Collaborative
  • DC Human Trafficking Task Force Policy Working Group
  • Early Childhood Innovation Network
  • Every Student Every Day Coalition
  • Fair Budget Coalition
  • Special Education Advisory Coalition
  • Strengthening Families Through Behavioral Health Coalition
  • Under 3 DC