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DC Bar: Roland C “Rollie” Goss: An Unmatched Commitment

June 15, 2016

Recently, Roland C. Goss, better known as Rollie, won the Laura N. Rinaldi Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year Award for his more than 20 years of pro bono services for underserved people in D.C. Goss was nominated by a number of attorneys at Children’s Law Center, including Executive Director Judith Sandalow.

In a recent article, the DC Bar highlighted Goss’ involvement with Children’s Law Center.

In the District of Columbia most of Goss’ referrals have been from the Children’s Law Center. Judith Sandalow, the center’s director, said that Goss is one of the most seasoned guardianship and adoption attorneys at the center and at the D.C. Superior Court and that his “commitment to abused and neglected children and their adoptive families is simply unmatched.”

“The cases that I do day-to-day are basically about money, but these pro bono cases I take are about peoples’ lives, particularly children who are born through no fault of their own with parents who have alcohol or drug problems, or with developmental or physical delay issues, and all sorts of other problems that are unfair,” Goss said. “When you see that you can try to help address those kind of issues and help them be with a loving family who gives them the support and nurturing that helps them turn around and overcome those issues, that’s just an amazing thing to be able to do as a lawyer. It’s a real gift.”

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