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DCTV: Stronger Start: Building Better Child Care (ep. 5)

May 9, 2023

Screenshot of Sharra E. Greer, DCTV Stronger Start Ep. 2.

DCTV’s new five-part docuseries on early childhood education in Washington, DC – ‘Stronger Start’ – journeys through the critical challenges facing the child care system and early childhood education.

The final episode of Stronger Start poses the question: Where does the United States rank globally in terms of success with ECE, and why (spoiler alert) aren’t we first? The episode looks ahead and see who is doing well and why. And, what will it take to build a child care system that works better for everyone? DC families, educators, and advocates weigh in on the future of child care.

The episode also features Children’s Law Center Policy Director Sharra E. Greer (at 16:27 in this week’s episode) discussing the Healthy Steps model and how it can help identify mental and behavioral health issues with the child and how it can be addressed.

Watch the final episode here.