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Greater Greater Washington: Some DC tenants need to sue to get redress for mold. A new bill could change that.

December 6, 2019

Photo of mold on wall.

Currently, DC housing inspectors aren’t trained to spot mold and can’t fine landlords when they neglect to address it – even though indoor mold can cause serious health issues. CLC Senior Supervising Attorney Kathy Zeisel was featured in a recent Greater Greater Washington article noting the high prevalence of indoor mold in DC rentals:

In 2015, the Legal Aid Society found that half of the housing violation cases it registered during a six-month period cited mold or mildew concerns, according to Harrison, and that number is consistent with her experience. Kathy Zeisel, who works on housing cases at the Children’s Law Center, had a similar observation according to WAMU: “I would say that in well over half, maybe even 70%, of the cases that we get referred people are reporting mold in their home.”

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