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Huffington Post: Grading DC’s Progress on Childhood Mental Illness

April 16, 2015

Read the latest blog by Executive Director Judith Sandalow, who talks about the need for progress in the District’s mental health services, as outlined in Children’s Law Center’s recently released mental health report card.

D.C. has the chance for a fresh start with newly-elected Mayor Muriel Bowser. As a beginning, she has the opportunity to appoint a permanent director to lead the Department of Behavioral Health—the lead mental health agency in DC. Her new appointee must be given the authority and responsibility to build a comprehensive and coordinated children’s mental health system.

Until D.C.s mental health system can truly operate as a system, thousands of kids like Latisha will continue to fall through the cracks.

Ultimately, if not enough progress is made on childhood mental health, Mayor Bowser risks not making progress on homelessness, improving schools, public safety and in so many other areas she has on her agenda.