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The Washington Post: Behind a lawsuit, an excruciating wait for housing for disabled residents

June 22, 2022

Photo of Ms. Chance with her son, Ayden, in a wheelchair.

Every day we work with DC families whose kids have asthma or other health conditions caused by unhealthy housing. And many District residents with disabilities, like our client Ms. Chance’s son, Ayden, face even longer wait times at the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) for an accessible home without mold, pests or other hazardous conditions.

Reporter Theresa Vargas shared their experiences in The Washington Post Magazine and interviewed Children’s Law Center attorney Evan Cass to explain more on the challenges families like Ms. Chance and Ayden have faced in securing an accessible home and our hope that the Office of the Attorney General’s suit against DCHA will result in broad, systemic changes that help DC families:

Cass said the Attorney General’s lawsuit has left him hopeful for broad changes that would help families.

“I’m hopeful for transparency. I’m hopeful for speedier accommodations for families who need them. I’m hopeful for long-term planning,” he said.

Photo credit: Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post