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Washington Post: D.C. Council will consider law to strengthen prevention of lead poisoning in homes

September 28, 2018

Photo of 2 year old Heavenz playing with toys.

The Washington Post’s Terrence McCoy recently wrote that safety measures to ensure that children are protected from the dangers of lead poisoning while living in District homes may soon become a lot more stringent. At CLC, we believe that every child deserves a safe, healthy home.

CLC senior policy attorney Anne Cunnigham chatted with Terrence about why this type of legislation is so critical.

“Right now, so many of D.C.’s laws and practices surrounding lead are reactive — the response starts after we’ve found a child who has lead poisoning,” said Anne Cunningham, senior policy attorney at Children’s Law Center. “This law will enhance families’ ability to make sure that lead paint is maintained and contained in a way that ensures their kids aren’t being exposed.”

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