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The Washington Post: Why can’t the ‘New Washinton’ work for everyone?

November 28, 2013

In an opinions piece in response to a recent series on the “New Washington” in The Washington Post, Children’s Law Center’s executive director Judith Sandalow described how rapid development affects families like our clients. Sandalow’s piece asks “Why can’t the ‘New Washington’ work for everyone?”

Sandalow shared how “Shirley” needed help finding a safe place to live and raise her children after higher rents pushed her out of her Logan Circle neighborhood several years ago. Families like Shirley’s lost more than their houses – they lost a community of support created by neighbors, schools, and churches. And DC itself lost many active, caring residents whose contributions “wove a fabric of life that made the District a home town.”

Read the full piece online or view a PDF.