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FY20 Budget Testimony: Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants

April 4, 2019

CLC attorney Kathy Zeisel recently testified at the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants budget hearing. She provided testimony to highlight the significant impact of the DC Bar Foundation funding, in particular the Access to Justice Grant. At Children’s Law Center, this grant funds a large part of our medical-legal partnership. Our medical-legal partnership started in 2001 with Children’s National, and has grown to three Children’s National sites, two Unity Health Care sites, and Mary’s Center. Last year, we received 1,470 new referrals, served 3,067 children and families, and trained over 1,900 medical providers, parents, and other stakeholders and community members through this project. You can read more about the partnership, and why we’re testifying to support this funding, here.