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FY21 Oversight Testimony: Department of Behavioral Health

February 12, 2021

Children’s Law Center Policy Director Sharra E. Greer and policy attorney Tami Weerasingha-Cote testified about the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) during DC’s oversight proceedings. Many of the children we work with—children in the foster care system or receiving special education services—only need our help because their behavioral health needs have gone unaddressed.

During her testimony, Sharra commended DBH’s work in expanding Healthy Futures and urged the DC Council to continue investing in DC Mental Health in Pediatrics (DC MAP). Both programs are effectively reaching kids through trusting adults – their childcare providers and pediatricians.

One of the best ways to improve children’s access to behavioral health is to provide services where they are and counseling services in school can make a huge difference for the children who need them. Tami applauded DBH’s commitment to expanding the school-based mental health program and called on the DC Council to continue investing in this program – especially as students continue to struggle during the pandemic.

Read the full testimonies here:
Sharra Greer’s DBH Oversight Testimony
Tami Weerasingha-Cote’s DBH Oversight Testimony