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Practice Kit 10, LGBTQ Youth Advocacy

Revised May 2018. This practice kit is designed to be a resource to educate child welfare and family law attorneys about the challenges LGBTQ youth in foster care face. LGBTQ youth in foster care face a number of obstacles in navigating services. They can experience barriers when the name on their documents suggest a person with a gender different from the gender he or she projects. LGBTQ youth face particular challenges when it comes to foster care placements, and experiences in other forms of government custody. LGBTQ youth may experience discrimination when looking for jobs or seeking health care. Attorneys representing LGBTQ youth can improve their advocacy by familiarizing themselves with the issues that impact these young people. It is our hope that the information contained in this kit will equip such practitioners to be proactive advocates on behalf of any LGBTQ youth on their caseloads.If you’re having trouble following the links within the PDFs, download the document! This will allow you to access all the links.