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Special Education Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual

Below you will find Children’s Law Center’s comprehensive Special Education Training Manual, broken up into its component tabs.

Please note: Identifying information included in any of the following documents have either been redacted or replaced to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

Table of Contents

Tab 1: Sample Client Documents
Includes sample retainers and releases in both English and Spanish.

Tab 2: Special Education Law
Includes relevant Special Education statutes, regulations, case law, and new legislation.

Tab 3: OSSE Policies
Includes relevant policies from the Office of the State Superintendent.

Tab 4: DCPS Policies
Includes relevant policies from District of Columbia Public Schools.

Tab 5: Accessing Services: Early Intervention
Includes information on early intervention services for children ages 0-3.

Tab 6: Accessing Services: Ages 3 and Older
Includes information on services for children ages 3 and older.

Tab 7: Evaluations
Includes sample evaluations for special education services.

Tab 8: Eligibility
Includes fact sheets on eligibility for special education services.

Tab 9: The IEP
Includes relevant information about the Individualized Education Plan and sample Individualized Education Plans.

Tab 10: Placements
Includes lists of different school, placement, and program options for students.

Tab 11: Missing Services/Compensatory Education
Includes a compensatory education authorization.

Tab 12: Building a Case/Gathering Information
Includes information and general questions on school observation.

Tab 13: Litigating a Special Education Case
Includes information and sample documents for litigating a special education case.

Tab 14: Discipline
Includes information on DCPS discipline policy and regulations.

Tab 15: 504 Plans
Includes information about 504 plans under Title II of the Rehabilitation act; including law, DCPS forms, and a sample 504 plan.

Tab 16: Bullying
Includes information about Bullying Prevention Policies.

Tab 17: Other Info
Includes other relevant information for special education cases.