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Testimony: Bedbug Control Act of 2019

December 19, 2019

Through Children’s Law Center’s medical-legal partnerships with Children’s National Hospital, Mary’s Center and Unity Health Care, we meet families suffering from home conditions that affect the health of the children: infestations, mold, lead paint, and many other environmental factors. Bedbug and other insect infestations cause serious health issues in exposed children, and have a profound impact on a family’s emotional well-being.

CLC Senior Attorney Caitlin Russi testified in support of B23-45, the Bedbug Control Act of 2019. She noted that the bill will clarify a landlord’s duty to respond to bedbugs and other public health pests, requiring immediate action when bedbugs are identified. The bill also requires landlords to notify tenants and inspect adjacent units when a neighbor has a bedbug infestation. Caitlin proposed a select number of amendments to the bill that will go further to bolster protections for tenants in the District.  

Read the full testimony here: