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Testimony: Child and Family Services Agency Oversight (FY15)

On February 18, 2015, Judith Sandalow, executive director of Children’s Law Center, testified at the Child and Family Services Agency performance oversight hearing. She testified that while the number of children in foster care has declined, there are many changes needed to help protect vulnerable children and families.

Some of the changes Ms. Sandalow advocated for are:

  • Ensuring that families are being connected to, and served by, effective community-based services; 
  • Using agency data to identify service utilization for assessing outcomes and the number of families benefitting from available services; 
  • Sharing utilization and outcome data with stakeholders on an on-going basis to ensure when children are left at home, their families are fully supported; 
  • A closer examination of the families that pass through family assessment without receiving any continuing support; 
  • Preparing foster youth by providing high-quality services to prepare for, secure, and maintain employment and housing, and complete post-secondary education; 
  • Expand existing programming to reach foster youth in their teen years so they are better positioned to succeed; 
  • Release CFSA’s final document on formulating a comprehensive educational strategy for addressing the educational needs of foster youth at all ages to the Committee and stakeholders. 

Read our full testimony by clicking the link below.