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FY18 Budget Testimony: Committee of the Whole Budget Hearing

May 12, 2017

Executive Director Judith Sandalow testified before the DC Council’s Committee of the Whole regarding the Mayor’s FY2018 budget for the District of Columbia.  While Children’s Law Center testified before several of the Council’s committees regarding the budgets of specific agencies, Judith’s testimony focused on the budget more broadly, stating:

Just like a family budget, the District’s budget isn’t only a laundry list of income and expenses.  It is a series of interlocking investments.  Whether it is an effective budget doesn’t depend on a few exciting initiatives being funded, but instead on whether the expenditures work together.

When it comes to low-income children, the need to consider the entire budget is even more critical.  Children are dependent on their families – and as DC has become more and more expensive, low-income children’s families do not have the financial resources to buy the basics:  safe housing, bus fare, nutritious food and medical care.

Click below to read her full testimony.