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Testimony: Department of Health Oversight (FY15)

On March 11, 2015, Damon King, senior policy attorney at Children’s Law Center, testified at the Department of Health performance oversight hearing. He urged the Department of Health they have an important role in supporting evidence-based home visiting programs. Mr. King highlighted the need for greater interagency planning and coordination to ensure that this intervention is available and accessible to the thousands of families who would benefit from it.

He advocated the need for DOH to achieve the following goals:

  • Scale up home visiting programs to align capacity with community need;
  • Identify and quickly connect families who would benefit from home visiting to appropriate programs;
  • Target home visiting funds at evidence-based programs and include a requirement to show outcomes; and
  • Put a plan in place to sustain home visiting programs financially, particularly as portions of current federal funding expire in coming years.