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FY11 Budget Testimony: Department of Mental Health

April 26, 2010

Executive Director Judith Sandalow testified at the Department of Mental Health Proposed Fiscal Year 2011 Budget, commending the agency for its tough, but smart budget choices that largely protect key services for children.

Sandalow urged the DC Council to continue to support the proposed budget and maintain the funding levels for children’s services.  For example, she was optimistic about the school mental health program, which is maintained at the same level as last year, and a new initiative, the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project.

There were, however, a few cuts that negatively impact children’s services, but overall children’s programs have been largely maintained.

Sandalow was careful to point out that her support for the current budget does not signal satisfaction with the state of children’s mental health services in the District, which she believes is still broken and in need of increased funding.

Read the full testimony.