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Testimony: District Child Tax Credit Amendment Act of 2023

January 24, 2024

Children’s Law Center Policy Attorney Leah Castelaz testified before the Committee on Business and Economic Development regarding B25-0190, the District Child Tax Credit Amendment Act of 2023.

Each year, Children’s Law Center attorneys serve as guardians-ad-litem for over half of all children in the care and custody of CFSA. Children’s Law Center also has teams of attorneys dedicated to helping families secure special education services for their children and address unhealthy housing conditions. As a result, we have direct experience and insight in how poverty impacts DC children and families’ ability to access services, supports, and resources like healthy and affordable housing, education, behavioral health services.

Our testimony argues that a District Child Tax Credit could have a positive impact on DC children and families by addressing their immediate financial needs and potentially supporting long-term economic growth. We urge the Council to work to create a Child Tax Credit that (1) does not limit the number of children per household eligible for the credit, and (2) guarantees sufficient investment in outreach and effective design of the credit.