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Testimony: OSSE Special Education Rulemaking Recommendations 2015

Senior Policy Attorney Renee Murphy testified about proposed revisions to special education regulations in Chapter 30, implementing sections of the Special Education Student Rights Act and the Enhanced Special Education Services Act.

Broadly, the recommendations in her testimony included:

  • Providing additional clarity in the regulations about parent referrals and documentation in order to accomplish the goal of reducing the evaluation timeline to 60 days.
  • Federal law requires planning for all students age 16 and older. OSSE should limit the exception from transition plans only to students in seventh grade or below. Additionally, all students should have necessary evaluations done before they graduate and a plan for that should be a required part of IEP.
  • To reduce the burden on parents, remove the requirement of sending copies of identifying documents and create an optional certification form that parents and professionals can use so that the process is more affordable and feasible. Additionally, procedures are needed to ensure students know their rights. 


Read the full testimony here: