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Testimony: Public Charter School Board Oversight (FY15)

On February 18, 2015, Sharra Greer, policy director at Children’s Law Center, testified at the Public School Charter Board performance oversight hearing. She testified that many changes need to be made to ensure all children feel safe and are in school to learn, which would benefit the entire student and staff population.

Some changes she advocated for include:

  • Increasing special education capacity; 
  • Creating an admissions preference for students with disabilities; 
  • Making information about all charter schools’ curricula and special education offerings easily available to parents; 
  • Creating transition programs that adequately serve all students throughout the transition process; 
  • Increasing compliance with special education law through interagency data sharing and oversight; 
  • Equipping schools to handle trauma by training staff and connecting with mental health providers; 
  • Increased truancy prevention and decrease out-of-school suspensions; 
  • Stop using suspension and expulsion as a form of discipline.

Read our full testimony by clicking the link below.