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Fighting for DC kids

Every child deserves to have a stable family, good health, a quality education and to live in a world in which racism, trauma and poverty are eliminated as barriers to success.

Who We Are

We help the DC community by:

A stable family is a critical building block for a child’s success. We are appointed by judges in the District court to represent children in foster care or when caregivers are disputing custody.

Our Impact: Family
Rice family

“They’re my everything. They’re my hearts.”

Meet the Rice Family

Every child can learn if they are in the right educational setting. This is especially important for students with disabilities. Our lawyers work with the parents and school to get a child’s education back on the right path.

Our Impact: Education
Photo of Haven and Micah

"My lawyer made sure I knew the right questions to ask before each school meeting." - Ms. Eury

Improving Micah and Haven's education

Some problems can’t be fixed by medicine alone. Our lawyers work side-by-side with pediatricians to find and fix the root causes of a child’s health problem.

Our Impact: Health

“I kept calling the rental office, but no one would answer. Children’s Law Center listened.” - Ms. Bowen

Deveah’s Healthy Housing Puzzle

We partner with District agencies, the DC Council and community organizations to find and implement city-wide solutions and systemic changes that benefit all DC kids.

Our Impact: Systemic Reform

One Moment in a Year of Advocacy

FY24 DC Budget Wins

2023 Annual Report

Creating lasting solutions for complex societal issues takes expertise and hard work over many years. Meet the children and families whose urgent problems we addressed in 2023 and learn about the progress we made toward systemic reforms.

Read Our Annual Report

The District Fails to Provide Transportation for Students with Disabilities

Parents and guardians of students with disabilities file lawsuit seeking safe, reliable and effective transportation for their children.

Learn About Our Lawsuit

Ways to Give

Children’s Law Center depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to make our work possible. As a result of their support, we are able to continue fighting – and winning – for thousands of DC children and families.

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