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Caregiver Adoption and Guardianship Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual

Below you will find Children’s Law Center’s comprehensive Caregiver Representation Training Manual, broken up into its component tabs, which you can download individually at the bottom of the page.

Includes the manual table of contents, a list of contacts at Children’s Law Center, and our Pro Bono FAQs.

Tab 1: Cultural Competency
Includes articles and resources on cultural competency, particularly as it related to family law.

Tab 2: Beginning Steps and Overviews
Includes an overview of the initial steps to working on an adoption, guardianship, or custody case, including overviews of various types of cases, tips for researching court records and discovery, and sample praecipes.

Tab 3: Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA)
Includes information about Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA).

Tab 4: Adoption Law and Practice
Includes information about adoption, including references to relevant DC statues and court rules and a primer on adoption law and practice.

Tab 5: Sample Adoption Petition and Forms
Includes a sample adoption petition, vital records form, adoption information sheet, and final decree.

Tab 6: Model Adoption Judge’s Orders in Response to Petition
Includes samples of court orders issued in response to an adoption petition, including an order of reference for expedited response and consolidation, an order to the biological mother to complete an affidavit concerning paternity, and notices to the biological mother and father.

Tab 7: Adoption Subsidy & Other Post-Adoption Information
Includes information on the adoption subsidy, post adoption contact agreements, and other post-adoption resources.

Tab 8: Guardianship Law and Practice
Includes information about guardianship, including references to relevant DC statues, administrative orders, and case law, as well as a primer on guardianship law and practice.

Tab 9: Guardianship Subsidy
Includes information about the guardianship subsidy, including relevant regulations and a sample guardianship subsidy agreement.

Tab 10: Sample Guardianship Documents
Includes a sample guardianship motion, consent to permanent guardianship, and summons.

Tab 11: Custody and CPO Overview
Includes information on custody, including a primer on custody law and practice, relevant case law, information on court resources such as mediation, and a primer on domestic violence and civil protection orders.

Tab 12: Sample Third-Party Complaints for Custody & Sample Consent Answer and Waiver of Service
Includes a sample custody complaint and consent answer.

Tab 13: Permanency Options Comparison Chart & 2014 Foster Care Rates
Includes a permanency options comparison chart and foster care board rates.

Tab 14: D.C. Superior Court Contact Information
Includes a list of DC Superior Court contacts.