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Comment: Renewal of the Behavioral Health Transformation 115 Waiver

January 16, 2024

Children’s Law Center is committed to ensuring that DC has a full array of high-quality behavioral health services that are accessible for children and families. We frequently help families navigate the behavioral health care system so they can obtain the services they need. That is why we recently sent a letter to the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) with public comments on the 1115 waiver renewal application. Our letter discusses population considerations for the 1115 waiver, as informed by our clients, and identifies four areas for DHCF’s consideration: (1) continuous coverage legislation; (2) behavioral health services to address current gaps in crisis response; (3) home modification and remediation services; and (4) coding for care coordination and health related social needs.

Learn about Our Behavioral Health Work

Although tens of thousands of DC children have behavioral health needs, only a fraction of them actually receive timely supports and services. At Children’s Law Center, we know that many of the children we work with – including children in the foster care system or receiving special education services – only need our help because their needs have gone unaddressed.

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