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Housing Conditions Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual

Below you will find Children’s Law Center’s comprehensive Housing Conditions Training Manual.

Housing Conditions Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual

Tab 1: Introduction
Includes a manual Table of Contents and Children’s Law Center Contact Information.

Tab 2: Sample Client Documents
Includes sample retainers and releases.

Tab 3: The Law
Includes relevant DC Housing codes and the International Property Maintenance Code.

Tab 4: Housing Documents
Includes instructions on how to request different reports and redacted samples of those reports.

Tab 5: Health Hazard Information
Includes DC Health Hazard Information.

Tab 6: Reasonable Accommodation Requests
Includes forms for requesting Reasonable Accommodation and a redacted demand letter.

Tab 7: Litigation Documents
Includes numerous summons and affidavits for use in the Housing Conditions Calendar.

Tab 8: Client Advocacy
Includes advocacy tip sheets and information sheets for clients.