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Testimony: Special Education Reform Legislation of 2014

Children’s Law Center testified today in support of the Special Education Students Rights Act of 2014, the Enhanced Special Education Services Act of 2014, and the Special Education Quality Improvement Act of 2014.

The three bills are the first comprehensive special education reform legislation ever proposed in the District of Columbia. They will lead to significant improvements in the education and life outcomes of the over 13,000 DC students whose disabilities impact their education.

Executive Director Judith Sandalow was joined by several Children’s Law Center clients, who also testified in support of the bill, as did education experts and other community members. You can read our testimony below.

Testimony: Jose Macedo (Ward 1)

Testimony: Sheila Murphy (Ward 8)

Testimony: Katrina Johnson (Ward 8)

Testimony: Shana Watson (Ward 8)