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Custody Guardian ad Litem Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual

Below you will find Children’s Law Center’s comprehensive Custody Guardian ad Litem Training Manual, broken up into its component tabs.

Tab 1: Introduction
Includes the manual table of contents, a list of contacts at Children’s Law Center, and frequently asked questions about the pro bono program at Children’s Law Center.

Tab 2: Beginning Steps and Overview for Serving as a Guardian ad Litem in Complex Custody Cases
Includes a primer on serving as a custody guardian ad litem in DC and helpful practice pointers. Also includes checklists for your case and initial client and party interview tips.

Tab 3: Custody and Domestic Violence Law and Procedure in DC
Includes a primer on custody law in DC and an overview of the procedural steps of a custody case. Also includes a primer on Civil Protection Order cases and a Domestic Violence case digest.

Tab 4: Defining the Role of a Guardian ad Litem in Custody Cases
Includes materials related to custody guardian ad litem best practice, including relevant case law, model standards, and 2014 Practice Standards.

Tab 5: Case Realities and Cross-Cultural Lawyering
Includes information about DC’s children, the stressors of living in poverty, and how lawyers can navigate these challenges with their clients.

Tab 6: Representing Children in High Conflict Cases
Includes information on child development and tips for working with children.

Tab 7: Understanding Domestic Violence
Includes relevant domestic violence research as it relates to custody recommendations.

Tab 8: Overview of Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Child Abuse and Neglect
Includes information about trauma and its impact on kids, as well as how to navigate child abuse allegations in the midst of a custody case and the effects of substance abuse on parenting.

Tab 9: Services and Resources Available in Domestic Relations Cases
Includes a variety of resources for guardians ad litem, including assessment tools, parent coordination, mediation, researching court records, and a list of court contacts.

Tab 10: GAL Sample Pleadings and Templates
Includes a sample appointment order, a model authorization for release of records, and a list of model pleadings available through both Children’s Law Center and the DC Bar.