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    2021 Helping Children Soar Benefit

    25 years ago, DC welcomed a new organization – one that would have an impact on more than 40,000 children and families directly and hundreds…

    Tuesday, October 26th at 6:30 p.m. EDT

  • Event Community Conversations

    Educational Advocacy During a Pandemic

    After a year of virtual learning, we discuss what Children’s Law Center’s education work has looked like during the pandemic and how we are fighting…

  • Event Community Conversations

    Ethics of a Vaccine with Dr. Christine Grady

    During this Community Conversation, we hear from Dr. Grady, an expert in the field of bioethics, human trials and vaccines, who shared the ethical considerations involved…

  • Event Community Conversations

    Ensuring Healthy Housing for All

    For our fifth Community Conversation, Tracy Goodman and Kathy Zeisel discuss several key pieces of healthy housing legislation before the DC Council, the legal assistance…

  • Event Community Conversations

    Back to School During the Pandemic

    Children’s Law Center’s fourth community conversation addresses how our expert lawyers are working during this unprecedented back-to-school season on both individual solutions for our families…

  • Event Community Conversations

    Health Care During the Pandemic

    Accessing health care has been a longstanding challenge for the 1 in 2 DC children who rely on Medicaid. The pandemic made it even harder…

  • Event Community Conversations

    Pivoting to Telehealth

    In Children’s Law Center’s third community conversation, we discuss how the District pivoted toward telehealth. We examine what practices and policies made it possible, how…

  • Event Community Conversations

    Returning to School

    Children’s Law Center’s second community conversation addresses strategies for building the safety and emotional support students need to learn. Featuring: Deitra Bryant-Mallory (DC Public Schools),…