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  • Education

    Teaching Derek to Read

    Dedicated mom Renee and tenacious lawyer Sarah team up to get a child the education he needs to succeed.

  • Family

    Kenya’s Choice

    When Kenya was 22, she faced a tough choice: Focus on her future or take in her brothers who were in foster care?

  • Family

    Golden Shoes, Golden Hearts

    Each family that CLC meets has their own unique, complex history. In Keymonie’s case, this history includes just a touch of heartache and enough love to fill the toddler right down to her sparkly gold shoes.

  • Behavioral Health

    Marco & His Brother Jose

    Jose came to Children's Law Center to find a solution for his brother Marco, who wasn't learning in school. Now Marco is in a vocational program and is on the path to independence. Hear Jose talk about why he asked for help and how Children's Law Center helped him fight for his brother's education.

  • Education

    Kavon & Mrs. Quattlebaum

    When Kavon's mother died, his great aunt Mrs. Quattlebaum wanted to keep him in the family. Learn how Children's Law Center helped Kavon stay with his great aunt and get back on track in school.

  • Family

    Sierra and Mrs. Mosley

    Children's Law Center helped Mrs. Mosley adopt her granddaughter Sierra after she suffered abuse and neglect.