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  • Health

    Sebastian’s Story of Survival

    A natural fighter, Sebastian survived a life-threatening surgery but lost feeling in one leg and had several serious health complications. Unable to work while she cared for her son full-time, Ms. Dabney applied for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – and was twice denied the benefits her family critically needed. That's when Children's Law Center stepped in to secure the benefits to which Sebastian is entitled.

  • Systemic Reform

    Turning 21 in a Pandemic: A Life-Changing Result for Deshala

    Deshala felt she was racing against the clock. As soon as she turned 21, she would “age out” of the foster care system. Overnight she'd lose her home and her safety net – with no family to fall back on. With support from Children’s Law Center, she felt ready. But then the pandemic hit.

  • Family

    A Grandparent Caregiver Raises His Grandsons - And Joy

    “Raising my grandsons brings so much joy to my life,” says Mr. Waters, one of the many grandparent caregivers Children’s Law Center works with every day. “Taking care of them, doing things for their benefit – that’s joy and purpose.”

  • Pro Bono Partnerships

    A Destined Pro Bono Partnership

    For 14-year-old Destiny*, her journey to a quality education was anything but straightforward. Luckily, her path crossed with pro bono attorney Rebecca Hekman at the right time.

  • Family

    Keisha’s Journey

    This year, at our Helping Children Soar Annual Benefit, guests met Keisha -- a young woman who found herself in a new city following Hurricane Katrina.

  • Family

    Filling Hearts with Love

    The Tylers opened up their home to many children in foster care -- and then five siblings stole their hearts and became their forever family.