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  • Behavioral Health

    Marco & His Brother Jose

    Jose came to Children's Law Center to find a solution for his brother Marco, who wasn't learning in school. Now Marco is in a vocational program and is on the path to independence. Hear Jose talk about why he asked for help and how Children's Law Center helped him fight for his brother's education.

  • Education

    Kavon & Mrs. Quattlebaum

    When Kavon's mother died, his great aunt Mrs. Quattlebaum wanted to keep him in the family. Learn how Children's Law Center helped Kavon stay with his great aunt and get back on track in school.

  • Family

    Markia’s Journey

    Children’s Law Center worked to find Markia a permanent home with her great aunt and great uncle, get her the medical care she deserved and make sure she had the support she needed to succeed at school.

  • Family

    Looking Beyond the Symptoms

    When a child struggles with asthma, most parents don’t think to call a lawyer. So Children’s Law Center teams with pediatricians across the District, training them to recognize when a lawyer can be a life-saver. That’s how Carlos Rodriguez and his niece, Laila, came to Children’s Law Center.

  • Education

    Unlocking Ezekiel’s Potential

    Sherina worried about Ezekiel’s future. With so many suspensions, Ezekiel, a loveable kid who dreamed of buying his mom a house someday, wasn’t able to learn consistently. And, when he was in school, teachers seemed unwilling to work with him.

  • Education

    A Loving Parent: The Best Education Advocate of All

    Outgoing, clever, insightful, funny – that’s how Kenny Pegram describes his son, 7-year-old Darren. But when Darren first came into foster care at age 4, these wonderful qualities were nowhere in sight.