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  • Education

    A Loving Parent: The Best Education Advocate of All

    Outgoing, clever, insightful, funny – that’s how Kenny Pegram describes his son, 7-year-old Darren. But when Darren first came into foster care at age 4, these wonderful qualities were nowhere in sight.

  • Family

    Zach's Family United

    *Zach’s mother abandoned him shortly after his birth. His paternal grandparents gained shared custody and raised him until he was 6 years old. Concerned that Zach’s grandmother was physically and emotionally abusive toward Zach, his grandfather removed him from the family’s home

  • Family

    “I Just Had to be an Expert in George”

    When Children’s Law Center met now 8-year-old George four years ago, his joy was eclipsed by circumstances beyond his control. But with tenacious legal advocacy and the dedication of the Wolf family, his future is bright.

  • Family

    Adopting Natasha and Roderick

    When Ms. Sylvia got the call that her great niece and nephew were being removed from their home, there was no question they'd stay with her.

  • Education

    Fighting for Nora

    Shereen worked to create a powerful team for her daughter, Nora. But when her school wouldn't provide the special education services she needed, Shereen turned to Children's Law Center.

  • Family

    Makia’s Refuge

    Makia needed a lawyer to fight for her – including supporting her goal of going to college.

  • Education

    RJ’s Journey

    For as long as RJ could remember, his life was filled with chaos – at home and at school.

  • Education

    Advocating for Jordan

    When Phyllis faced hurdles getting her articulate, imaginative son who struggled with ADHD into the right school, she reached out to Children's Law Center to help her navigate the system.